We are taught

from a very young age

that after someone does something to hurt you,

the right thing to do is to forgive.

And although you may be able

to unfold

and open your heart again,

the creases from the past

will still remain.


Take care of yourself.


1 thought on “Baggage.

  1. After someone hurts you, confesses what they have done, apologizes, turns from the behavior that was hurtful, and humbly requests forgiveness. Then, and only then, are they possibly deserving of forgiveness. I think those who say we need to “forgive” and must do so, “for our own peace of mind” actually mean we need to let go of the anger, hate and other negative emotions we carry because we’ve been hurt. Taking care of yourself may well mean letting go of those negative emotions, it may also require keeping dangerous people out of your life. You’re right, take care of you.


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